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What To Expect?

Tomorrow begins my 6th year of teaching. While each year has been better than the last, each year brings a certain level of anxiety. The “oh my goodness I’m responsible for ___” subsided a few years ago but was replaced with “what if I fail my students?” This question is the driving force behind my every move in the classroom.

I love teaching. I love getting a new (intimidating) group of awkward 7th graders each year. I love the challenge of building confidence in a group of kids whose hormones are raging and whose bodies fight against being a child OR a grown up. I love turning kids who think they can’t into kids who believe they can. My success, in my mind, is measured less by how they perform and more by how they believe they can perform. Day by day, we turn believing into doing.

This year, I have more to prove to myself than just whether or not I can add value to the knowledge possessed by a bunch of 12-13 year olds. I’m entering the home stretch of graduate school. In May, I will graduate with a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership. This year, I need to prove to myself that I’m earning the right degree. I need to prove myself worthy to be called a leader. My own confidence in this area is low. Thankfully, I hold the belief that confidence is of utmost importance to mastery. I will not blame anyone for my leadership but myself. While I know I will face challenges, I also know that tomorrow is a fresh start – a new year, ready for me to make it what it will be.

My goal this year is to write more, and this forum is a good place to begin. I am not a great writer, but I will write anyway. I may not get here often, but I will get here. I will write about struggles and successes in the classroom as well as my path to leadership. Maybe I’ll even manage to get a few students to share their writing here.

Happy 2013-2014. Here’s to our fresh start.

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2 thoughts on “What To Expect?

  1. jamestollefson on said:

    I think you’re a pretty good writer, judging by this post.

    May I share something with you? You are already a leader. My wife is a teacher, and has been for eight years. I have had the privilege of watching her at work, and I know that to be successful in that profession, you MUST lead. If you cannot lead, you cannot teach.

    We all tend to doubt ourselves, but you especially don’t need to. An education in leadership is a great thing – it helps you think on a higher level, it exposes you to some of the complexities of running organizations that running a classroom doesn’t entail, it gives you an chance to really think about the way you do things – but ultimately, leadership is about achieving a common goal through the actions of others. “Day by day”, you wrote, “we turn believing into doing.” You are already a leader, and probably a very good one. I’m quite confident the future holds great things for you.

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